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    ST-5000D heating thermostat

    ST-5000D series digital heating thermostat, imported microcomputer chip control technology, through internal or external temperature controller of high precision sensor, temperature detection, and real-time and user setparameters are compared, automatic opening and closing of heating equipment, in order to achieve thepurpose of every day to keep the indoor temperature; programming andtemperature can be set to 4 hours, orto choose manual mode; dual control functioncharacteristic, in the detection of the indoor temperature and increase thetemperature of heating equipment, heating equipment, when the temperatureexceeds the settemperature,

    ST-5000D heating thermostat


    Technical parameters:

    If the working voltage: AC 90V~250V


    Power consumption: less than or equal to 1W.

    The timing error: 1%

    The built-in sensor temperature range: -35 DEG C: 5

    External sensing: 35 DEG -75 DEG

    The temperature control accuracy: plus or minus 1 DEG C

    If the load current: DA: 2A DB:16A


    The size: 90mmX90mmX14.5mm



    Product features:

    The large screen LCD, blue backlight

    The programming model: a week of programming, the optional 5+2/6+1/7 days

    The four day period, the programming temperature; the timer switch, cycle;

    The built-in sensor single temperature, single internal external sensing temperature, the outer limits of dual temperature control

    The control mode: manual mode time programming temporary control mode can freely switch.