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    S611 heating thermostat

    S611 series digital heating thermostat, imported CPU microcomputer control technology, through internal or external temperature controller for high precision sensor, temperature, and real-time detection and produced by setting parameters, automatic opening and closing of heating equipment, in order to keep the indoor temperature, daily temperature programming and can be set to 4 hours, or can be select the manual mode;dual control function characteristic, in the detection of the indoor temperature and increase the temperature ofheating equipment, heating equipment, when the temperature exceeds the set temperature, 

    S611 heating thermostat

    Technical parameters:

    If the working voltage: AC90V~250V 50/60Hz

    Power consumption: less than or equal to 1W.

    The timing error: <1%

    The temperature range: -35 DEG C: 5 built-in sensor

    External sensing: 35 -75 C

    The temperature control accuracy: plus or minus 1 DEG C

    If the load current: 2A 16A

    The size: 86mmX89mmX14mm


    Product features:

    The touch screen control, sensitive reaction

    If the set temperature, room temperature detection

    The English man-machine interface, dual temperature display

    The low-temperature freezing function

    The child lock function to prevent non staff operation

    The optional 5+2/6+1/7 days a week of programming,

    The four day period, the set temperature, timer switch machine

    The built-in sensor, an external sensor single temperature control, internal control and external limit of dual temperature control

    The control mode: time interval programming model; manual temporary control mode, can freely switch.