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    T2026 air conditioning heating thermostat

    T2026 series water heating system and air conditioning fan coil double control type multifunctional temperature controller, microcomputer control technology is the most advanced, by switching the cooling and heating mode,the FCUs third gear speed, electric two way valve and heating water system, control switch of electric actuator or electric valve multi function temperature controller, to control a machine, the indoor temperature and settemperature, the corresponding device outputs a control signal to the indoor temperature, comfort, energy saving.

    T2026 air conditioning heating thermostat

    Technical parameters:

    The imported CPU anti-jamming

    The LCD liquid crystal display with blue backlight

    The intelligence programming function, to warm the thermal displacement, air conditioning terminal control function, timer switch machine

    The indoor temperature correction

    The two temperature display

    The clock function

    The low-temperature freezing function