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    T06 electric actuator

    T60 electric actuator is used for diversity water device of the valve, a small valve, dynamic balancing valve electric actuator, control valve electric drive, can be used in the small valve switch control, water heating systemdiversity water device on the valve control, the control valve on the end of the central air-conditioning fan coilwater. When the actuator is mounted directly on the water in the heating system of diversity water device, water return pipe or constant temperature valve, when the valve is closed; the actuator power, the core componentsimported wax thruster

    T06 electric actuator



    Technical parameters:

    If the working voltage: AC220 110V 230V

    The power: 3.5VA

    The thrust force: 110N

    The trip: 3.5mm

    The whole time: 5~8min

    The environment temperature: -5 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius

    The wire length: 900mm

    The shell material: flame retardant PC, parts PT

    The protection grade: IP44

    The installation: screw connection, simple, fast, convenient disassembly

    The threaded connection, simple, fast and convenient disassembly


    Product features:

    Paraffin propulsion components, PT heating by the drive belt.

    Spring reset after power failure, the valve closed or open,

    Running without noise