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    D series of diversity water device

    D series of diversity water device suitable for geothermal heating system, diversity water device of each circuitare built-in valve regulating the amount of water, can be equipped with electric actuator and heating temperature controller, to achieve independent sub room temperature control. The user to set the temperature according to the need, the heating thermostat will automatically detect the temperature of the room, and the output signal to the actuator, the actuator is closed or opened, you can also install electric ball valve in the diversity water devicemanager, and supporting the use of heating thermostat, the realization of regional or control requirements, to achieve temperature, comfort, energy saving the effect of.

    D series of diversity water device

    Technical parameters:

    The nominal pressure: 1.0Mpa

    The branch center distance: 50mm

    The number of the branch pipe: 2-8 / A, can be freely combined splicing

    The head diameter: DN25

    The branch diameter: 1216/1620



    Product features:

    Leave the return branch with manual regulation valve

    You can add the electric actuator, realize the independent sub room temperature control

    The high density of forging, seal / hard connection

    The buckle type wall mounting bracket, convenient and quick installation

    The main pipe and branch pipe seamless and completely no leak