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    BV7200 electric control valve

    BV7200 series valve is the latest development of the company's new products, according to the requirements of the controller to regulate the flow of water or steam, suitable for heating heat exchange, HVAC system. The valve body adopts the nodular cast iron material linear balance adjustment, diameter DN50 to DN200, liner brass valve or stainless steel 304 valve, the valve rod and a valve using 304 stainless steel, flange according to jb79 standards, seal is adopted spring and regulating the V-shaped seal ring, has good sealing performance, adapt to a wide range of temperature, and there is no need to adjust. BV7200 series of valves as two general for two pass balance valve, the valve flap downward movements for the valve open mode, when the ends to maintain constant pressure difference, valve stroke and flow into the percentage of properties; when the valve three-way three-way mixing valve, installed in pay attention to valve body is provided with an arrow indicating the direction of flow.

    BV7200 electric control valve

    Used in hot water, cold water, low pressure steam.

    Medium temperature range: ~170 C -10 C.

    The leakage rate was 0.03% of KV value.

    Pressure range: 1.6bar.

    Caliber from 50mm to 200mm.

    Connection mode: NP16 flange.

    BV7200 series valves designed to be used with the BQ7000/7005 series driver.

    The BQ7005 actuator bracket selection of cast aluminum and plastic shell, small volume and light weight.

    Permanent magnet synchronous motor is selected, and the hysteresis clutch mechanism is provided with reliable self protection function.

    Suitable for a variety of control signals: Delta (floating point), voltage (0 ~ 10V), current (4 ~ 20mA).

    With 0 ~ 10V or 4 ~ 20mA feedback signal (optional).

    The driving gear adopts the metal gear, which greatly improves the service life of the drive.

    Low power consumption, high output power, low noise.

    The body has cast copper, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel a variety of materials to choose from, in order to meet the requirements of different working medium and temperature.

    The valve body has two kinds of threaded connection and flange connection, easy to install, the structure is in line with the IEC international standard.

    Body structure in the form of two - way balancing valve (balance type), three through the confluence and the three - way bypass valve.