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    BQ7300/BQ7305 driver

    BQ-7300 series of drive by force 1800N to 4000N electric actuator with diameter DN80-DN250 regulating valveself made series of electric control valve; the wide application of automatic control in air conditioning,refrigeration, heating and other building systems, accurate flow control system in the medium, so as to control the temperature, humidity, pressure system the parameters such as the objective.

    BQ7300/BQ7305 driver

    The working voltage: 24VAC + 10%, 50/60Hz.

    The electrical rating: 24V, 50/60Hz.

    The control signal: 1, reversible, proportional control.

    2, the input signal on 0~10V with proportional control, and to provide motion feedback signal.

    3, the 4~20mA input signal proportional control, and provided as feedback signal.

    The driving torque: 1800N 4 000N